Wellbeing, anywhere

Wellbeing is a lifelong journey – one that we are equipped to provide support for, every step of the way.

That's how Beyond was born. 

Beyond is your personal digital wellness companion, providing access to holistic interactive activities and guided journeys to support you on your path of wellbeing, no matter where you are in the world.

Our Journeys
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Restorative Rest
A curated program that comprises simple but impactful learnings, practices and rituals to support your body’s nightly repair and mental restoration.
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Veya Journey
Cultivate the Mind through intention, awareness, mindfulness and remembrance to allow manifestation and reconnect with your centre of creativity.
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My Expression
A journey to tune into a different state of being and sync with nature's frequency, to remember our interconnectedness with our environment and surrounding life.

The Beyond difference

Backed by years of extensive research, Beyond offers a complete holistic method to evaluate, hone and refine your wellbeing based on our proprietary eight pillars concept. Keep motivation up with trackable, measurable and comparable insights, and receive rewards for staying the course.

Measure and track progress across eight wellbeing pillars
Choose from a collection of insights that support your unique lifestyle
Go deeper with a library of activities that focuses on specific needs
Choose what works for you, from videos and audio to readings
Visualise progress with user-friendly charts
Get rewarded for consistency with redeemable credits
Integrate your Beyond journey with a physical retreat
Boost workplace wellbeing

For corporate clients, Beyond offers a blueprint for a better mental health strategy that positively impacts the lives of every employee. Create a healthier workplace with comprehensive programmes that guide your team members to build healthier habits and lifestyles over time.