Craft & Retail

Crafting with a difference

The Banyan Tree journey weaves together culture, heritage, entrepreneurship and artisanal creation as part of our mission to return dignity to craftsmen, celebrate the generational wisdom of handmade traditions, and create beautiful, relevant products for everyday use.

Since founding Banyan Tree Gallery in 1996, we have worked with 12 distinct craft techniques in over 90 partner communities across 15 countries, a third of which we have developed long-term relationships with.

We are especially proud of our work supporting female artisans, having commissioned more than 100 products from over 29 women’s groups to help supplement their income with a sustainable form of employment.

Made with hands, crafted with heart

Banyan Tree Essentials

Our lead-free ceramics celebrate the beauty and heritage of artisanal craft, while our skincare and spa products inspired by Banyan Tree Spa’s treatments draw from time-honoured Asian wisdom and remedies. The natural, botanical blends and hand-ground mixtures in Essentials are both good for the earth, and for you.