New, fresh, and inventive. Dhawa is contemporary, casual, and comfortable.

Dhawa is a contemporary, casual, and comfortable hotel where guests call the shots.

Aligned with Dhawa's essence of discovery, the Dhawa tree is well known as one of the most useful trees of South Asia, in which its iconic leaves have an abundance of uses discovered through times. Catering to a new generation of design-savvy independent travellers, Dhawa offers distinctive design and fresh thinking in vibrant destinations, allowing guests the freedom to make their own choices whilst discovering the destination.

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  • 2015 Launch
Dhawa Cayo Santa Maria

Standing amidst white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters, Dhawa Cayo Santa Maria is a luxury island resort off the north central coast of Cuba. With close proximity to the world's second largest coral reef, and over 500 small islands, the possibilities for fun are endless. 

Dhawa Quzhou
Inspired by the journaling of Ming Dynasty Great Traveler, Geographer Xu Xiake, Dhawa Quzhou is the first international brand hotel delivering peerless service and experience to the city. Located in the lush city center, it allows travellers easy access to innovative fashion and social amenities in the vibrant city.
Dhawa Yura Kyoto
Travel back in time to a hideaway in the ancient capital city of Kyoto, where contemporary design meets historical features in the intimate boutique hotel of Dhawa Yura Kyoto. It tells the story of an era that marked Japanese history with its blend of old and new, East and West.
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Dhawa Quzhou
Dhawa Quzhou fuses stylish design with China’s rich cultural elements, and was inspired by the journaling of Ming Dynasty Great Traveler, Geographer Xu Xiake.
Dhawa Cayo Santa Maria
Dhawa Cayo Santa Maria
Surrounded by white powdery beaches across a magnificent archipelago, Dhawa Cayo Santa Maria is the perfect luxury resort for a beach holiday in Cuba.
Dhawa Yura Kyoto
Located in Sanjo in the heart of Kyoto, Dhawa Yura takes you back in time with its contemporary design and historical features.
Dhawa Ihuru
Seize the moment at the beautiful tropical paradise of Dhawa Ihuru, and step onto an island where nature beckons and plush comforts await.