Projects & Initiatives

Climate Action
Resource Conservation

We use every opportunity to engage guests, communities and associates on environmental issues and resource conservation.

Through company-wide programmes and grassroots activities, we aim to reach as many stakeholders as possible and galvanise them to embrace the concept of sustainability.

Greening Projects

Since 2007, our Greening Communities initiative has planted over half a million trees around the globe, while actively raising awareness of climate change.

In 2021, we planted 9,306 trees, despite challenges during the ongoing pandemic, including 5,150 trees planted in Mexico’s Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve as part of a partnership with EARTHDAY.ORG’s The Canopy Project.

Cleaning Communities

From conducting regular beach cleanups to raising awareness of good waste management practices, our properties worldwide inspire positive change in local communities.

Every year on Earth Day, World Oceans Day and World Environmental Day, we spotlight these grassroots, climate-related activities to share the knowledge within the company.

Earth Hour

Every year, on the last Saturday in March, we join the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in sparking global conversations on protecting nature and tackling the climate crisis by turning off all non-essential lights for one hour at 8:30pm at all our properties.

Biodiversity & Environment
Wildlife Conservation

Our conservation strategy for key habitats and priority species is based on rigorous research. Working alongside visiting expert scientists, we identify areas of priority and engage local communities and guests in the dialogue around reversing biodiversity loss by encouraging them to take a more active conservationist position.

Marine Labs

As the first-ever resort-based conservation lab to be established in the country, Banyan Tree Marine Lab in the Maldives works alongside local government to protect the reefs around our properties.Together with Bintan Conservation Lab in Indonesia, these facilities enable scientists and researchers to visit, monitor and analyse tropical marine environments.

Education for Growth

Launched in 2007, the Seedlings Programme provides vocational and life skills, education and preparation for life and work to youths at risk of societal exclusion.

Seedlings mentees are aged 12-18 and supported through mentorship and scholarship.

Seedling Cafes

An integral part of the Seedlings programme, Seedlings Cafés leverage Banyan Tree's F&B expertise to create lasting positive impact within host communities.

Seeded with capital from Banyan Tree Global Foundation, the cafés serve as a training ground for disadvantaged youth providing them with pathways out of poverty.

Apprenticeships and Internships

Since 2021, our Apprenticeship Programme has been providing trade, service and life skills development and job opportunities to help local community members forge careers in the hospitality industry.

It builds on the success of our internship programme which provides learning experiences to develop future hospitality professionals. 


In operation since 1992, the Laguna Phuket Kindergarten in Thailand was launched to support early life emotional and intellectual development for independent life-long learning.

The impact has been felt far and wide with over 1,000 children graduating since the kindergarten’s inception.

Our efforts at a glance
  • 532k trees planted since 2007
  • 3 marine labs since 2004
  • 13,073 corals planted since 2017
  • 177 artisan communities supported since 2017
  • 48,247 craft products commissioned since 2017
  • 1,724 students enrolled in Kindergarten since 1992
  • 4,734 internships handed out since 2018
Greater Good Grants

Every year, we provide grants to projects that benefit local communities and natural environments in countries where we operate.

These projects must demonstrate need and urgency; leverage local, regional and national partnerships; and are scalable with clear evaluation of success.