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“I live my life in widening circles"

We’re rallying those who seek – to connect more with the world, and themselves.

withBanyan is your passport to discovery. With us, its less about points and tiers, and more about experiencing new ways to move through the world; through destinations, food and culture, wellbeing, and positive actions.

As part of our community, we invite you to discover uniquely Banyan experiences and access exclusive member rates, invites to new destinations, and fresh opportunities to expand your world with us.

Discover withBanyan today.

Craft your own journey with four unique modes of discovery
Open up your world with stays that move you. Whether it's an unforgettable family trip to the Maldives, or an intimate, soul-awakening retreat in Bali, we offer more than rooms. Be moved by the richness and vibrancy of our world.
Embrace culture through dining, activities, and more. Do more that just see the sights. Understand the land through food, or gain on-ground experience in a new skill to connect more deeply with the places and people that you’ll meet.
Commit to self with a living wellbeing practice. From award-winning spas, to a suite of thoughtfully crafted wellbeing experiences and natural products, we’re dedicated to helping you come into your own wherever you are – be it at home, or far away.
Amplify your impact by participating in a world of good. Caring for our communities and the environment through positive actions is obviously beneficial. But we make it even more so. Move more consciously through the world and be rewarded for it, too.

Each mode has chapters and you may progress through different chapters to complete a mode.


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